Factor to Consider When Choosing a New Kitchen Sink: Buying Tips

By Gretchen Sunder, 31 Jan 2022

Are you thinking of buying a sink for your kitchen? If you're in the market searching for a new sink, you must have noted by now that there are lots of sinks you can choose from. Perhaps too many that it might seem daunting since they all serve the same purpose. Even though it's not the most exciting part of the kitchen, it is vital that you choose the ideal kitchen sink.

You may not know this, but choosing a sink is a highly personal choice. If you've spent enough time in the kitchen, you probably already have an idea of the things you like. If you've got no clue, we're here to help out and make sure you've found the sink of your dreams. There are factors worth taking into account before you take the dive. From the material to the right size, to choosing between a drop-in or an undermount, here's a quick guide on the things you should consider when choosing a kitchen sink.

Factors to Consider.

1. Material

When we talk of kitchen sinks, there's a list of materials we can choose from: the likes of porcelain, stainless steel, fireclay, composite granite, and the list goes on. When determining which material best suits you will require you to consider a couple of factors. Of course, aesthetics are a significant factor, but budget, durability, and ease of cleaning should be considered.

Be practical on how frequently you use the sink and how often you clean it (and meticulously). You might be lured to other materials because of beauty alone, and that's where we all go wrong. For example, Porcelain sinks are widely known for their beauty, but they are prone to stains and scuff marks, but no need to raise the alarm; they do come off! For instance, all it takes is a bit of elbow grease and mildly abrasive cleaner like baking soda. Additionally, they are a bit fragile. Although they won't shatter, it won't take much to chip or scuff the porcelain. If you are a bit tougher on your sink, it might be wise to choose a stainless sink. They also look a bit modern, and also cleaning is as easy as ABC.

On the flip side, composite granite has been gaining fame recently, mainly because of its durability, ease of cleaning, and how exquisite it looks. Some of its features are pretty similar to the stainless-steel sink. It is incredible how resistant they are to scratches, chips, and damage in general. However, they are slightly more expensive.

Considering the material your sink is made of is more important than one might think. Unfortunately, we all have different tastes; maybe what impresses me won't impress you. That is why you must choose the material that best suits your needs, whatever the case may be.

2. Drop-in or Undermount Sink 

Let's start by differentiating between the two. Just as the name implies, a drop-in sink drops inside the counter, so there's a clear rim that lies on the counter. It is generally the most affordable option but requires some care (and a handy tool). However, if you want to install it yourself, it is a great option to consider.

An undermount sink makes the most of the space on the counter since the sink's lip is situated below the counter rather than at the top. If you cherish a clean kitchen, this might be your lost piece: the reasons are that no lip, dirt, or muck can't get stuck between the sink and the edge of the counter. On the other hand, an undermount sink connects underneath the counter, which will create a perfect look. In addition, this sink is considered by many to be a quality option; it might even increase your home's resale value.

3. Size and Configuration

These are practically two different things, but they are entwined simultaneously. Considering your budget is the first evident strategy, but you should consider the size of your kitchen and where you want it placed. The size and the configuration will determine how much space will be needed. A large sink is an excellent option: yes, you'll have more room to work with, but that will require you to sacrifice counter space.

The depth of the sink is also worth considering. A deep sink is handy, especially when washing king-size pots. But the deeper they sink, the more difficult it will be to reach the bottom of the sink. If an average sink already makes you strain to touch the base, a deep sink will be unbearable.

Put aside the overall size, what else do you picture when you think of a kitchen sink? Many would picture two sinks set cheek by jowl (close together). Still, it's a first-class setup. Although that's the most popular setup, there are plenty of other options you can choose from.

The double-basin setup will allow you to prepare food and clean food at once. Or when one is washing, one sink can be used for soaking and the other for washing. If you're aren't satisfied with two sinks, you could always upgrade to three sinks. You'll mostly find a three-basin sink that will feature a small sink in the middle and two large ones at the sides. The smaller one is designed mainly for food preparation, which leaves the large ones for washing and soaking. This might be the perfect option if you're mostly busy in the kitchen.

Otherwise, you may also find sinks with a single large basin but a more modern design. Such sinks offer a sleek look, and there are add-ons available if you want to make food preparation a little easier.

4. Bowl Depth

Have you ever met a person who complains about their kitchen sink being extremely spacious? Yeah, neither did I at first. You might think the deeper the sink, the better it will be, but that's where we go wrong. For instance, a bottomless sink will eat up most of your cabinet space, especially if you've already installed a food waste disposer/ garbage disposal. In particular, tall or short people will find working over a very deep sink for long periods unbearable. But some will prefer the deep sink since it's perfect for hiding dirty dishes.

5. Style

The style of the kitchen sink is also crucial. Even though the differences in style are generally for cosmetic reasons, they are all important; you may also find a couple of functional differences. For instance, self-rimming sinks add up a little durability to the setup. Meanwhile, undermount sinks are a lot easier to clean.

But if your main issue is with aesthetics, there are plenty of styles on the market you can choose from. The farmhouse sink is a classic option, but if you prefer elegance, an integrated quartz sink may be your drug, especially if you own a quartz countertop.

6. Location

The location of the sink is a crucial point in the kitchen, just like in real estate. In theory, the person standing at the kitchen sink will have a perfect view, whether looking outside a window or at the rest of the room.

If you place the sink below the kitchen window, you should set it at the center of the window unit or beneath one of the window panes in a multipaned window. What's more, the dishwasher should be close-by; preferably, it should be placed just next to the sink to leave enough room for the dishwasher's door to open completely without blocking foot traffic.

7. Determine if You'll Need to Rearrange your Cabinets

Imagine your kitchen cabinets as your sink's foundation. Depending on what you're currently working with, you'll need to choose your style with much thought unless you plan on doing a total renovation. The main factors to consider here are:

  • Make sure your current kitchen cabinets can accommodate your new sink's depth.
  • Ensure they are strong enough to hold the weight of your latest sink. For instance, a porcelain farmhouse sink filled with water can weigh up to 100 pounds, your kitchen cabinets should be able to support the given weight.

Wrapping it Up

There is no kitchen without a sink. Choosing the perfect sink is an important decision that needs proper evaluation before concluding, as it plays a massive role in cooking and cleaning. However, the choice will largely depend on your pocket, the budget, plus the space you have in your kitchen. The style and elegance may also be a determining factor, among other things.

With these factors at your palms and the help of Kitchen Eminence, you won't have much trouble when you go shopping; choosing the ideal sink will be more accessible than ever before. The tips given in our guide will help you as you go in search of the perfect sink that will suit your needs and preferences.

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