About Us

Our motivation comes from the understanding that the happiness of every family starts from a healthy kitchen. Therefore, our clients here in the US and across the globe trust us to provide practical, inspirational, and real-life tips on how to achieve and maintain functional kitchens. You can’t go wrong when it comes to that.

Who Are We?

Kitchen Eminence consists of a versatile team of DIYers, hobbyists, journalists, seasoned contractors, and professional chefs. We work hand in hand to ensure that you are at par with the current kitchen technology and innovation. The team continues to exhibit remarkable growth in terms of onboard expertise and reach. Hence, we are no longer a group of enthusiastic friends we were at the beginning but a central place where millions of Americans can find information about kitchen fixtures, installations, cookware, and healthy recipes.

What We Do

Kitchen Remodeling and Installations

Whether you intend to build a new home or conduct a home upgrade, your kitchen will undoubtedly be a point of focus. And at Kitchen Eminence, we believe that you cannot achieve your kitchen objectives without the right fixtures and installations. So, our team of DIYers and professional contractors will advise you on the correct fittings that will make your cook space click.

These fixtures include faucets, kitchen cabinets, sinks, dispensers, water filters, and many more. We do not just advise on the right brands and models to pick. Instead, we provide you with detailed buying guides and how to install these pieces of equipment if you want to attempt the installation process by yourself. Besides, we present our readers with unique kitchen décor tips.

Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

We all crave fresh homemade meals. However, it is impossible to cook tasty meals from home without the right cookware and appliances. Trust us to provide you with unbiased reviews of must-have kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, burger presses, spice jars, toasters, knives, culinary sets, knife sharpeners, and other necessary cookware. Of course, you can also look out for their buying guides and how to use them.

Cooking Tips and Healthy Recipes

At Kitchen Eminence, we advocate for healthy eating. But since change begins with awareness, we aspire to be part of the change by creating awareness on healthy eating. Since we aim to see healthier communities, stay on the lookout for practical cooking tips. Even more, we aim to build an exciting collection of healthy recipes for daily wholesome foods based on scientific research and modern trends.

What We Stand For

We are honest, accountable, and responsible. We believe that we can all achieve our dream kitchens irrespective of our budgets. Whether you intend to make everything simple or complex, your cook space should be non-restrictive, appealing, and sustainable.

Finally, this website contains affiliate links. We may earn a commission when you purchase any product through our links. Whatever we get goes into maintaining this website and researching for more content. However, there are no additional costs passed over to you for buying through our links.