Best Touch On Kitchen Faucets (Let's Find Out)

By Gretchen Sunder, 13 Nov 2021
Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Kitchen Faucet

DELTA Essa Touch Kitchen Faucet

DELTA Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

DELTA Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Kitchen Faucet

Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Kitchen Faucet

Is there any contemporary kitchen without a sink and kitchen faucet? Ideally, kitchen faucets are vital fixtures in every modern home. They offer unbeatable efficiency and convenience in preparing your meals and cleaning your kitchen space or appliances. And when it comes to shopping for one, the best touch on kitchen faucets will make irresistible options.

We now live in a digital world with several innovative home products. Similarly, kitchen appliances and fixtures continue to embrace modern technology for improved convenience and functionality. Touch on kitchen faucets sits between traditional double or single-handle operated models and the advanced touchless kitchen faucets.

How Do touch On Kitchen Faucets Work?

Notably, touch, touch-sensitive, or touch on kitchen faucets are responsive to touch. The fact that you can activate or deactivate water flow by touching anywhere on their bodies with any part of your arm gives them more advantages than your ordinary kitchen faucet.

Apart from convenience and efficiency, these fixtures are incredibly hygienic. You do not have to turn on a knob with messy hands from time to time. Such a feature limits the transfer of germs and bacteria as you can clean your hands without messing with other sections of the faucet.

But with the proliferation of several touch-sensitive kitchen faucets in the market today, choosing the right one for your kitchen is no mean task. Do not worry about this because we review up to 6 models that you will find pretty helpful in this article.

Let us begin the count!

Top 6 Best Touch Sensitive Kitchen Faucets

You can consider any of the following models if you are looking to install a new kitchen faucet or replace one in your home:

1 DELTA Essa Touch Kitchen Faucett

Our editors unanimously picked the DELTA Essa Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet for the overall best position in this review. Of course, DELTA is a reputable brand with an exciting range of faucets. But beyond the brand, this DELTA model packs in unbeatable functional, convenience, and reliability characteristics.

First off, it is a pull-down system that features the company’s patented Touch2O technology. The technology uses high sensors to ensure that you have your water activated and stopped with unbeatable reliability. Also, the intuitive nature of Touch2O makes it sense the difference between a touch and a grab to limit chances of accidental or false activation.

More accuracy, convenience, and reliability come with the inclusion of unique TempSense LED indicators. With the help of this technology, you can conveniently monitor your water temperature from around the room. The LED light indicator changes color the moment your water reaches the desired temperature.

Undoubtedly, faucets will accumulate unsightly mineral and debris deposits on the aerator after some duration of use. However, this is not something that you will experience if you choose to go with the DELTA Essa Touch Kitchen Faucet. It features a TouchClean spray which is a breeze to clean. You can conveniently get rid of the deposits without using any chemical cleaners.

Also worth noting is the adaptability of this touch-activated kitchen faucet. It uses 6 D/C batteries and comes with 6 AAA cells to start you off. The AAA cells can last for up to 6 years though you can also opt to purchase 6 C batteries with 5-year battery life. Even more, you can opt for an A/C adaptor and connect it to your home grid.

  • The Touch20 technology is pretty intuitive and will reduce false activations.
  • It uses D/C but is compatible with A/C if you opt for the additional adaptor.
  • It is pretty easy to clean and will not hold mineral deposits in the aerator.
  • The faucet is durable and performance-oriented.
  • Some components feature plastic construction and need extra care.

1 Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Every family member or guest looks up to this section for fresh, healthy, and tasty meals. And this explains why many people value kitchen décors. And talking about the décor of your cooking space, pimping your kitchen goes beyond your cabinetry and paintwork. Instead, the choice of your kitchen fixtures equally plays a significant role.

Among the fixtures is a kitchen faucet. If you are in the market for a sleek kitchen faucet, the Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Kitchen Faucet is a great pick. The metallic fixture features a stainless steel finish that will look incredible in your kitchenette. Besides, the compact system looks good on all types of kitchen sinks.

The Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Kitchen Faucet is your typical hybrid kitchen faucet with fantastic pull-down and pull-out capabilities. The sprout features a unique Reflex system that allows smooth pull-down and pull-out operation. Besides, it moves smoothly and locks securely so that you do not have the spray head hanging awkwardly over your sink.

Many people believe that touch and touchless kitchen faucets are difficult to install. That is a misconception, mainly if you use the Moen CA87011SRS Touch On Faucet as an example. It features a patented Duralock system that makes installation a breeze. You can effectively hack the installation process without any plumbing experience.

Finally, the fixture blends price, performance, versatility, and convenience in an unbeatable way. At the cost of about $150, you get a system with highly sensitive touch sensors. A slight touch with your forearm or wrist will automatically activate or deactivate water flow. Still, you can switch off the touch-on mode and operate it using the handle.

  • You can use the touch mode or single handle to operate the system.
  • The included DuraLock Technology makes installation pretty straightforward.
  • It is favorably priced.
  • You may need to handle the O-ring with extra care lest it begins to leak.

1  DELTA Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

The common shopping slogan of getting what you pay for is not just a blank saying. While most affordable products often work "just fine," premium products go beyond working fine to provide top-notch design and performance benefits. The DELTA Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet is a perfect example of such a premium product.

The Trinsic Pro brings unparalleled convenience and hygiene to your kitchen with its touch-on and touch-off features. You can conveniently wash your hands without messing up any parts of the faucet. All you have to do is touch any part of the faucet with your wrist or forearm to trigger water flow. It also features DELTA’s TempSense LED indicator that allows you to check your water temperature from anywhere around your kitchen.

It is a perfect fit for single-hole and 3-hole, 8-inch configurations. However, you will need to add a deck plate to make it more suitable for 3-hole systems. It comes with Duramount mounting systems and InnoFlex supply lines at no extra cost. These line integrations eliminate an extra point for potential leakage, thereby creating a more reliable kitchen faucet.

DELTA faucets are built to last, and the DELTA Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet is no exception. The Diamond Seal technology incorporated into this system minimizes chances for leaks and improves the longevity of the faucet. Thus, you can expect it to last at least twice as long as the recommended industry standards.

Finally, the Trinsic Pro is as sleek as it is functional. You will fall in love with its impressive 20-inch tall design, which gives it fantastic versatility. Besides, more versatility comes with the fact that the high arc spout can swivel 360 degrees. And if the type of finish is something you would consider, you have the luxury to choose between the arctic stainless and chrome finishes. It cannot get better than this.

  • The spout swivels 360 degrees for versatility and convenience.
  • The incorporated Touch-Clean Technology eliminates mineral or dirt build-up.
  • It comes with nearly all the installation hardware.
  • You can trust it to last at least two times longer than ordinary models.
  • It features only two flow types.
  • You need to purchase an additional deck plate for 3-hole configured systems.

1 OWOFAN 866-10668R Touch On Kitchen Faucets

The belief that all touch-sensitive kitchen faucets come at hefty price tags is a misconception. The faucet market has a range of moderately priced touch-on models that you can choose from. The OWEFAN 866-10668R Touch On Kitchen Faucets is an impressive example. It comes at under $100. Yet, it performs as well as most highly-priced models.

Firstly, the fixture is ADA approved, which implies that it is safe for use. The entire system is Lead-free and nickel-free. Besides, it features food-grade inner hoses, eliminating the worries of contaminating your water. These features make the system healthy as it reliably produces fresh and clean water. So, rest assured that the touch-activated faucet is safe for use.

It isn't easy to review the OWEFAN 866-10668R Touch On Kitchen Faucets without highlighting its dual-mode settings. The pull-down faucet head can conveniently provide a splash-free powerful spray and a gentle aerated stream. The aerated stream comes in handy for washing fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, you can use the powerful spray to clean your cutlery or fill pots faster.

Another feature worth noting is that the kitchen faucet is straightforward to install. It comes with a quick installation hose which makes the mounting process quick and straightforward. You do not need any special tools, and the whole process takes under 15 minutes with or without any previous plumbing experience.

  • It installs in one-hole and three-hole systems.
  • You do not need any plumbing experience to install it.
  • The dual-mode settings enhance versatility and convenience.
  • The faucet head can turn 360 degrees to provide better reach around your sink.
  • Some previous buyers claim that it developed leaks after a few years of use.

1 BAGNOLUX Touch On Kitchen Faucets

The BAGNOLUX Touch On Kitchen Faucet also makes it to our list. It stands out as a moderately priced touch-on kitchen faucet that combines an elegant appearance and a highly sensitive touch control system with a range of incredible functional features. The result is a kitchen faucet that can handle various kitchen applications.

It features an eye-catching appearance that blends well with most kitchen styles and decorations. Its high arc will look good on your kitchen sink, while its ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort. Also, it features a robust brass construction with a superior shiny finish. The finish is insensitive to fingerprints and will remain clean and tidy even during busy kitchen days.

Among the top features of the BAGNOLUX Touch On Kitchen Faucet is the fact that it is pretty easy to maintain. It features a brushed nickel finish that is resistant to corrosion and scratches. It also does not fade, and these characteristics imply that the fixture will maintain its sleek appearance for several years.

Water is a valuable resource, and everyone hopes to conserve it. Interestingly, this faucet will reliably help you save water with its 360 degrees' swivel pull-out sprayer. The complete spout rotation ensures that you can conveniently reach all the corners of your switch without wasting time and water.

  • A two-function sprayer improves versatility.
  • The complete spout rotation minimizes water wastage.
  • It features a ceramic valve that is resistant to temperature changes and corrosion.
  • It is elegant and comes with an ergonomic handle.
  • The installation instructions can be challenging to follow.

1 HGN Touch On Kitchen Faucet

We end this review with the impressively flexible HGN Touch On Kitchen Faucet. Although HGN is a relatively new brand in the sanitary ware manufacturing industry, they take credit for striking an outstanding balance between price, modern technology, and convenience. The company’s kitchen faucets are popular for their quality and dependability.

The HGN Touch On Kitchen Faucet, for example, stands out for its incredible flexibility. It features a 23.62-inch nylon sprayer hose that smoothly retracts to reach all the sections of your sink. Not many faucets come with hoses that long. This helps in improving convenience and considerably conserves water.

Notably, this product will serve you for years, thanks to its robust construction. The 304 stainless steel material used in manufacturing the faucet is pretty safe and durable. Besides, the entire fixture comes with ceramic valves to prevent water leakage. More durability characteristics are evident in the system's ability to resist corrosion and scratches reliably.

Finally, the HGN Touch On Kitchen Faucet is one of the simplest to install faucet models you can find in the market. It comes with all the mounting accessories needed for the installation process and is compatible with US standard 3/8-inch water pipes. Please ensure that you include rubber washers and tighten each section to prevent leakage.

  • Two setting modes increase versatility
  • It is compatible with US piping systems.
  • A long hose ensures more flexibility.
  • It features a perfect design with a 360-degree swivel spout.
  • The faucet automatically turns off after a couple of minutes. While some people find this okay, others claim it is too fast.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Kitchen Faucet

Now that we have reviewed some fantastic models, let's look at some essential tips when shopping for touch-on kitchen faucets.

a. Number of Holes

Firstly, you will need to look at your sink's configuration and go for a kitchen faucet that is compatible with it. Of course, this is a crucial factor for kitchen upgrades and new installations. You will need to look out for the number of holes in your sink and choose a kitchen faucet with the corresponding number of holes.

Most touch-on kitchen faucets are considered for one or three-hole sinks. Again, confirm if you will need a deck plate during installation.

b. Repair and Installation

Faucet installation is a simple DIY activity that you should be able to handle independently. So, go for models that are very easy to install. Among the features that you can look for are comprehensible installation instructions, the inclusion of mounting hardware, and compatibility with your water pipes.

Again, all faucets will require repair after some time. They could develop leakage or a blockage. Ask yourself if you can find fitting replacement faucet heads, aerators, or valves. You can solve leakages or blockages without having to purchase a new system and save some money.

c. Water Flow Settings

Many people do not consider spray types when shopping for touch on kitchen faucets. Yet, the spray types of a faucet determine a faucet’s versatility and convenience. Models with more than one type of water flow settings are suitable for more kitchen applications.

d. Design

No one wants an ugly and disorganized kitchen. Thus, the kind of kitchen appliances and fixtures you bring on board should blend the looks of your kitchen. Choose touch-sensitive faucet designs that have sleek designs to boost how your kitchen looks.

Final Words

It is a wrap! We hope that this detailed best touch on faucet reviews was helpful. Any of the reviewed models are worth your hard-earned money. However, your ultimate pick will depend on your inclinations and budget.

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