Best Delta Kitchen Sink Faucets and Buying Guide.

By Gretchen Sunder, 21 Feb 2023
Leland 9178T-DST Single-Handle Faucet

Leland 9178T-DST Single-Handle Faucet

Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

Cassidy 4197-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet

Cassidy 4197-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet

The brand is a vital factor to consider when shopping for a kitchen faucet. And one of the best brands in the kitchen and bathroom fixture industry is Delta. Having been in the market for more than half a century, many experts and DIY experts believe that Delta kitchen faucets are the best.

These fixtures stand out when it comes to versatility, convenience, durability, and design. Yet, you can never fault them on functionality. It is generally agreeable that while Delta fixtures are incredible, choosing the best Delta kitchen sink faucet is no mean task. There are several models available, with each model featuring a unique set of characteristics and capabilities.

If you are looking for the best Delta kitchen faucet, we simplify your search. We review some of the most exciting Delta kitchen faucet models for your consideration. Besides, we provide you with a detailed buying guide at the end of this review.

Let’s begin the countdown!

1 Leland 9178T-DST Single-Handle Faucet

The Leland 9178T-DST Single-Handle Faucet takes the top spot for our best Delta faucet reviews. And it does so for all the right reasons. Moreover, it takes pride in the unrivaled quality, impeccable elegance, and maximum convenience. But more importantly, at a price tag of well under $200, this product is reasonably priced. It is a popular product among most Delta customers and is an Amazon top seller.

Key Features

Featuring a full brass frame construction, this product is pretty robust. Thus, this is a kitchen faucet that can stand the test of time. And with proper care, you can reliably count on this kitchen fixture for several years, if not decades. Delta also incorporates its patented Spotshield technology into the finishing. The technology gives the faucet the ability to withstand spots, smudges, and fingerprints and gives it a fabulous look even without intensive maintenance.

Notably, the Leland 9178T-DST Single-Handle Faucet is less prone to leaks, thanks to the included DIAMOND Seal technology. The patented innovation from Delta helps to improve endurance levels between the cartridge and the integrated supply lines. The result is a gap-free connection and a lower possibility for leakages.

Delta is famous for its wide range of technology, and this Leyland model does not fail the test. The company uses its renowned Touch2O technology on this device to bring unbeatable convenience and hygiene into your kitchen. You can easily keep the faucet clean when your hands are soiled by waving your hand around the neck to trigger water flow.

Ideally, this is one of the best touchless faucets you can find in the market today. Interestingly, the touchless mechanism uses batteries, ensuring that you can use it in off-grid locations. The inclusion of a LED light ensures that you are aware of your battery levels. Change your batteries the moment you notice that the light has changed from blue to red.

Also, the LED light will help you determine your water temperature level, thanks to Delta’s trademarked TempSense feature. The LED light will turn blue, magenta, or red, depending on your water temperature. Ideally, not many faucets can achieve this level of convenience.

  • The highly-sensitive touchless technology enhances convenience and kitchen hygiene.
  • It features a flexible that docks securely.
  • It is compatible with one or three-hole mounting configurations.
  • The included SpotShield features minimize maintenance levels.
  • You can unintentionally activate water flow.


The Leland 9178T-DST Single-Handle Faucet is a top-rated kitchen faucet. It packs in nearly all Delta’s faucet innovations to maximize convenience and functionality. It is a touchless single-handle faucet that is ideal for any modern kitchen. Even more, the Leland 9178T-DST is extremely elegant and compatible with most kitchen styles.

1 Trinsic Pro 9659T-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

Delta’s Trinsic line of faucets features some of the company’s commercial-grade and premium faucet models. The Trinsic Pro 9659-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet is an incredible example. The faucet blends performance, durability, and great flexibility. It is a perfect pick for commercial or busy kitchens as it will reliably handle consistent use.

Key Features

First off, the Delta Trinsic Pro 9659-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet features an ideal size. At just about 19 inches high, this kitchen fixture is simple-looking and not as gigantic as most commercial-grade models. And while it still features a remarkably high arc, the height provides you with sufficient space to accomplish most tasks without trouble.

And like most high-end Delta faucet models, this equipment features full brass construction. The full metal body gives the fixture the ability to withstand the beating synonymous with commercial cooking spaces. Even more, it features a spring spout that is more usable and responsive than most non-flexible faucet spouts.

The spring spout construction does not stop there. Instead, the remarkable flexibility also comes with a secure docking mechanism to ensure that the long hose does not hang in an ugly manner. The MagnaTite Technology gives you the option of either maneuvering the spring spout or resting it at the support arm before pulling down the head as you would with ordinary pull-down kitchen faucets.

Many homeowners often have to struggle with blocked aerators from time to time. Well, this is not a common problem with the Trinsic Pro 9659-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet. Delta incorporates the Touch-Clean technology into the system to prevent this. The technology makes cleaning the faucet head a breeze. With a few rubs, you can quickly get rid of all the mineral deposits that often cause clogs.

Of course, the Trinsic Pro 9659-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet does not stop there. It also features all the premium Delta faucet technologies. Unlike most commercial faucets, it features a sensor at the neck for touchless operation. The popular DIAMOND Seal technology also prevents leaks between the cartridge and interior connection.

  • The reliable Touch2O technology ensures a smooth touchless operation.
  • A secure MagnaTite docking system ensures that the faucet head remains in place when not in use.
  • The high arc gives you sufficient space to accomplish everyday tasks.
  • It comes at relatively high pricing, but this should not be a big problem if you can afford it as it is worth every penny.


The Trinsic Pro 9659-DST Touch2O Kitchen Faucet is difficult to fault. It is a high-quality fixture that will make an excellent match for all busy kitchens. The metallic frame makes it one of the most durable models that you can find. Besides, Delta's combination of technologies in the device makes it as functionally convenient as you would want.

1 Cassidy 4197-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet

As you will find out, the Delta faucet range is not short on variety. And if you are a big fan of pull-out kitchen faucets, you have a great pick in the Cassidy 4197-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet. Like any other pull-out faucet, this model is compact, hence trendy among those with small sinks. The Cassidy 4197-DST is sleek and features a classic touch, and it would not be wrong to say that it is a fashion statement.

Key Features

While this is by far one of the most aesthetic kitchen faucets you will set your eyes on, it does not compromise on any functional characteristics. It features a long spray wand that allows you to have a good and comfortable grab. And while its compact design is difficult to ignore, it blends in exquisite curves. It is the kind of faucet you will prefer for kitchens with minimal vertical spaces.

Again, although most pull-out faucets have 360-degree swivels, the Cassidy 4197-DST has a 120-degree swivel. This makes it a deal-breaker. However, that will also depend on where you intend to install it. You will find out that the extra swivel degree is unnecessary if you install it on a sink with a back wall. Ideally, a 360-degree swivel only comes in handy if the installation point is a kitchen island. The faucet has an old-fashioned look. However, it still blends perfectly with contemporary kitchen décor.

Still, on the design and construction, the faucet features a brass frame. Such a construction denotes strength and durability. And while many people often assume that metallic kitchen fixtures are less sleek and may look awkward, the Cassidy 4197-DST will surprise you.

The company incorporates the patented Brilliance Finish technology to give it a beautiful finish. The technology also protects it from fading, tarnishing, and corrosion. Besides, the faucet is available in champagne bronze and brushed nickel finishing. You can easily choose the type of finishing that matches your kitchen décor and style.

  • It is compact and ideal for vertically limited spaces.
  • The incorporated DIAMOND Seal technology minimizes the possibility of leaks.
  • You can conveniently choose the type of finish that meets your needs.
  • Delta incorporates the Touch-Clean technology to avoid clogging.
  • The 120-degree swiveling can be quite limiting for some people.
  • It features a very low arc.


There are three reasons why the Cassidy 4197-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet is an incredible purchase. Firstly, it is as fancy as it could be and will look impressive on your sink. This Delta faucet is also an ideal pick for people looking for compact pull-out models. Finally, the company incorporates the best tools and technologies, making it efficient and highly functional.

1 Windemere 21996LF Double-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

The single-handle versus double handle faucet debate is usually a hard one to call. And for Delta lovers looking for a functional double-handle faucet, the Windemere 21996LF 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet is an unbeatable pick. It is a classic dual-handle kitchen faucet featuring a side sprayer.

If you are looking for elegance, you will not find a lot of it here, which is synonymous with all double-handle models. However, it is exceptionally functional and well-crafted. Let us look into some of the features that make it exemplary.

Key Features

Of course, faucets are about convenience, efficiency, and functionality. However, you cannot ignore the installation aspect of the best kitchen sink faucet. Who would want money on a kitchen faucet they cannot install? Well, the Windemere 21996LF is pretty easy to install and use.

The faucet features a 3-hole configuration system. However, you will need a countertop or sink with four holes since the sprayer will also need an extra hole. Thus, you will need to take notice of the number of holes your sink has for compatibility purposes. While some people will quickly drill additional holes, this process is complicated and may require some plumbing experience.

The Windemere 21996LF 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet is your typical basic dual-handle faucet. It does not come with most of Delta's premium features. However, it remains one of the most reasonably priced models in the market. And for the price, it is a good buy.

This faucet features plastic construction, including its sprayer. While many people do will undoubtedly question the longevity of plastic fixtures, plastics also have their advantages. Firstly, plastic fixtures are pretty lightweight and easy to handle and use. Again, unlike metals that are susceptible to rust or corrosion, plastics do not have this problem.

And if you are afraid of possible scratching of plastic surfaces, rest assured that Delta cushions you against this. The company's Brilliance Finish Technology not only ensures a stunning finish but is equally resistant to scratching, tarnishing, discoloration, or fading.

  • It is arguably the most affordable Delta faucet.
  • The long pull-out side sprayer ensures convenience and efficiency.
  • The dual-handle faucet is sleek and comes in a range of finishing options.
  • Plastic construction ensures no corrosion.
  • It does not feature Delta’s DIAMOND Seal technology and may develop leaks after some years.

1 Essa 9113-DST Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

We end this review with another excitingly low-budget pick. Delta designed and fabricated this faucet with budget buyers in mind. For that reason, this faucet costs under $200. Yet, it does not compromise a lot when it comes to function and efficiency. While the Essa 9113-DST Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet is bare in design, it features all the aspects you may need in a Delta faucet.

Key Features

As the name suggests, this is a pull-down kitchen faucet. But unlike most pull-down options that come with very short hoses but fast enough to sell on their pull-down tag, the Essa 9113-DST is different. It features a long 62-inch hose with an extended reach of a massive 20 inches post set up. Thus, it provides users with the utility that you might need from a typical pull-down faucet.

Among the premium technologies that the company incorporates into the system include the reliable MagnaTite technology. The technology ensures a faultless connection between the spray head and the spout. It is a durable docking system that will provide that the faucet docks safely on the system without any problems.

Also, many budget faucet heads from Delta do not come with Delta’s leak-proof DIAMOND Seal technology. This technology uses diamond seals to secure the connections between the supply lines and the cartridges. The result is that, unlike ordinary models that will begin to leak after some months or years, this model is not prone to leaks.

Another technology worth noting is the Touch20 innovation. The Essa 9113-DST Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet comes in two models; the 9113T-DST is touch-activated and allows users to experience the convenience of modern technology. Going for the touch-activated model will enable you to activate water flow by touching anywhere on the faucet body. Besides, you can use your wrist or any part of your forearm to avoid soiling the system.

Finally, this is one of the models that are immune to clogs. Thanks to the Touch-Clean feature that the company incorporates. The technology minimizes mineral deposits on the spray head, and the nozzle will easily clean up after a few rubs.

  • It is pretty easy to install.
  • The included DIAMOND Seal technology minimizes leaks.
  • The head is flexible but docks securely when not in use.
  • It stands out as one of the most affordable models on the list.
  • The design is pretty standard.


Many people believe that you may have to break the bank to own a Delta kitchen faucet. Ideally, this is not the case, as you will find out with this Essa 9113-DST Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet. It is reasonably priced and allows everyone to own a Delta faucet. Save for the design, which is too simplistic; this is a product that you may consider.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for A Delta Kitchen Faucet

While all Delta faucets are worth your time and money, not each model will meet your needs. Notably, each model comes with a unique set of features and capabilities. The following are some of the factors you will need to consider when shopping for a kitchen faucet;

Single Handle Vs. Double-Handle Faucets

One of the most significant decisions you will need to make is going for a single handle or dual handle model. Notably, single handle models are single cohesive units that only feature a single control handle. The handle activates and deactivates water flow and also controls water temperature.

On the other hand, double handle models have two handles to control hot and cold water flow. Getting your ideal water temperature is easier with dual handle models. However, you will need both hands to set it up.

Touch or Touchless models

You can also make a pick based on your level of convenience, between touch or touchless delta kitchen faucet. Touch models allow you to activate water flow by touching any part of the faucet. You can do this by using your wrist or forearm. On the other hand, touchless technology uses LED or infrared lights to allow you to trigger water flow by simply waving your hand around the neck.

Both technologies come in handy in minimizing germ transfer. However, you will occasionally find accidental activation quite common with touchless models.


Besides Touch and touchless technologies, Delta has a versatile range of innovations. Technologies such as DIAMOND Seal and MagnaTite enhance longevity. On the other hand, you will also find technologies that enhance convenience, ease of maintenance, looks, and efficiency.

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