Pros and Cons of Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet: Ultimate Guide

By Gretchen Sunder, 26 Feb 2023

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in our household and inside the kitchen, there is one fixture that is mostly used and most times ignored- kitchen faucets. Kitchen faucets come in so many designs, brands, finishes, spreads, hole sizes, and mounting types. Upgrading your kitchen faucet will not only provide convenience to everyone at home but also improve the general look of your kitchen.

At kitchen eminence we make it easy for you to understand different types of kitchen faucets, their pros, cons, and factors to consider when choosing your kitchen faucets. We have taken our time to research on your behalf so that you can simply sit back relax and learn.

Today we are going to discuss wall-mount kitchen faucets. You might be wondering what other mounts we have in the market. We have two types of mounts: deck mount and wall mount. The deck mount is more popular and probably what you have in your house currently. So, what is the difference between the two? The deck mount is attached to the countertop or the rest of the sink while the wall mount (as the name suggests) is attached to the wall and hangs over the sink with handles on either side.

Now that you know the difference, let's quickly dive into the topic of today, the pros and cons of wall-mount kitchen faucets, and what you should consider before you make any purchase.

Pros of Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets.

More Room on Countertops

I hate congested sink areas, one of the main advantages of wall-mounted kitchen faucet is the fact that it frees up space hence creating more room for other things like soap dispensers and other items on the countertop or sink.

Wall-mount kitchen sink faucet can be the best choice if you have a smaller kitchen and you want to utilize your functional space.


Wall-mount kitchen sink faucets add a touch of style to your kitchen as most households are still using deck-mount kitchen sink faucets. These specific kitchen faucets will set your kitchen apart and you will find yourself spending more time in the kitchen than usual.

Easy to Clean

The other biggest advantage is the fact that wall-mount kitchen faucets are less likely to get hard water spots compared to deck-mount kitchen sink faucets. Wall mount generally requires less cleaning simply because they sit above the sink.

Easily Available.

If you visit the stores or even check online you will notice how wall-mount kitchen sink faucets are widely available. Recently, faucet brands have paid much attention to this specific kitchen faucet as it's becoming more popular.

Wall-mount kitchen sink faucets have the same faucet spread as widespread faucets, the only difference is that it's mounted on the wall.


Generally, I like the sophisticated, functional look a wall-mount kitchen sink faucet gives to every kitchen. You will never go wrong with this choice.

Compatible with Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Basins

In most cases, we choose a wall-mount kitchen sink faucet to accompany wall mount kitchen sink basin. Most basin-type kitchen sinks do not come with the sink deck hence making it difficult to install a traditional kitchen sink faucet style.

Cons of Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Hard Installation Process.

Households that have not been equipped with the right mounting pieces can require specialized installation. Any home DIYer can easily install a deck-mounted kitchen faucet without any hassle.


During installation, you need to be careful when positioning the wall-mount kitchen faucet in such a way water flow lands in the sink at the right angle to avoid splashing and messing up your countertop.

You must be asking yourself, what should be the correct faucet height of the wall-mount kitchen faucet? A wall-mount kitchen faucet should be positioned 3-6 inches above the top of the kitchen sink. Consider installing a deeper sink as water will have more room to disperse without splashing out the sink.


Wall-mount kitchen sink faucet compared to deck-mount kitchen sink faucet is very costly, this is because of the installation process we mentioned above.

Hard to Access for Repairs.

How the wall-mount kitchen faucet is installed makes it difficult for one to access it in case of any repair. Imagine a scenario where you have leakage, you will have to pay up a professional plumber to come and open up the wall to access the issue.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet.

After highlighting the pros and cons of the wall-mount kitchen faucet, we are going to take you through factors you should consider before buying a wall-mount kitchen faucet.

Wall Size

When choosing a wall-mount kitchen faucet, consider the size of your wall. If your kitchen doesn't have ample wall space, a wall-mount kitchen faucet can be difficult to place because of its broadness.

Type of Sink

Wall-mount kitchen sink faucet will work perfectly well when you have the right sink. A less curvy sink or a square sink is advisable as it will prevent splashing on the countertops. Examples of the best sinks to use with wall-mount kitchen faucet is vessel sink and under-mount sink.


As much as wall mount kitchen faucet gives your kitchen an amazing look, it’s a bit costly and the price is what you should consider. If it's within your budget, a wall-mount kitchen faucet is the right choice for you.

Availability of Accessories.

Due to its installation process, there are not many wall faucet accessories. However, once the accessories have been installed they cannot be replaced. It's good to fully understand this type of faucet and its accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are wall-mount kitchen faucets very expensive?

The wall-mount installation process makes the faucet more costly compared to deck-mount kitchen sink faucets.

Do wall-mount kitchen faucet leak?

If proper installation has been done then the wall-mount kitchen sink shouldn’t leak at all.

How far should a wall-mount kitchen faucet be above a sink?

A wall-mount kitchen sink should be 3-6 inches above the kitchen sink. Anything past this will increase the chances of water splashing hence messing up your countertop and if you do less then you will not have enough spaces to work.


As much as the wall-mount kitchen faucet comes with its cons, you realize that you can work around the disadvantages and create something amazing in your kitchen. The lemons and lemonade kind of a story. the wall-mount kitchen faucet is the best choice you can have in your kitchen especially if you have a smaller countertop.

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