Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Kitchen Sink Faucets - Head to Head Comparison

By Gretchen Sunder, 07 Jan 2024

Imagine walking to your house one day and finding that your house is leaking? And why would this be so? Because of faulty kitchen sink faucet. That’s exactly what you get if you ignore the tid tad of the plumbing industry and the efficiency that comes with it.

There have been great technological advancements in the recent past, whether in education, work, or even business. This has not been any different in the plumbing industry, and different brands and companies have been working hard to keep up with these changes.

Think of the kitchen sink faucet; even though very critical in the plumbing industry, most homeowners are ignorant of it. However, the wrong kitchen sink faucet, whether in terms of its design, versatility, efficiency or even quality, can become a longtime nightmare for anyone.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to make a very solid decision with the many varieties of kitchen products readily available in the market. And all of these products are from very different competing brands. However, when it comes to kitchen sink faucets, three different brands have stood the test of time and quality. These are Kohler, Moen and Delta.

These three brands have always been at the forefront of ensuring that all their consumers get value for their money, especially product quality. And its also evident that these manufacturers have stood the test of time and technology to prove that they understand the needs of their customers to be in the production of exotic and stylish products.  

In this piece, we will be giving you some details about each of these three brands of faucets, i. e Moen, Delta and Kohler. We will dive in a little deeper, comparing each of the brands with the other two, and we will eventually give you some recommendations on the best brand to use you, whether for basic home use or industrial purposes.


Moen as a brand was started in 1937 by a man known as Alfred Moen and was named after the owners. His main invention was driven by the desire to make improvements at home for a quality life.

Even though the brand has established itself in other faucets, Alfred's first invention was the single-handed faucet, one of the greatest inventions of its time.

His invention of this single-handed faucet came about from a personal experience where he almost burnt his entire hand on one of those days while using the double-handed faucet.

Even though it was an accident and what others could refer to as a crisis, Moen was able to revolutionize his experience and eventually come up with one of the best brands ever known to produce quality kitchen and bathroom faucets.

 In the 1970s, Moen introduced one of its finest lines of water faucets and now boasts of a wide range of very extensive, efficient and effective products that are fitted for any kitchen and bathroom.

As a brand, Moen has a reputation for providing products that last for a lifetime even though they give a warranty of about 10-20 years in almost all their products. This is one of the greatest proofs of quality, given that their products often come coupled with great innovation and efficiency for better livelihood.

Most kitchen faucets from the Moen brand come with their brand stickers, often placed beneath the plate or on the dock and sometimes on the spout. Having the logo and stickers is not only a mark for identification but also a mark of quality since the company has distinguished itself in this very thing.

One of the most exceptional marks of this brand is simplicity and reliability, making it convenient for users across the globe.


Delta as a brand was an innovation by Alex Manoogian in 1954. His first product was the ball valve single-handed faucet. During their first years in the plumbing industry, they specialized in kitchen faucets only. However, the brand has evolved greatly in the last couple of years to become one of the best producers of not an only kitchen but also bathroom and shower faucets.

The company pride itself on having produced the first pull-down spray head design, which transformed the use and efficiency of kitchen faucets.

Because of how the brand has been using environmentally friendly products and technology, it has amassed some prestigious awards, such as Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustained Excellence Award, which it won for about three years in a row.

The brand recently won the Parent Tested and Parent Proved Award award.

In terms of quality, Delta has been exceptional in all its products, whether kitchen, bathroom or even shower faucets. It has a reputation for being the brand with faucets with minimum or no leakage at all. This is because they make use of two technologies: Diamond Seal and InnoFlex Pex, and both are patented to the brand.

Delta also has another feature called TempSense LED light in almost all their faucets, a technology that alerts their users of the temperature changes due to its changing colours. Besides the temperature, the LED acts as a warning of whether there are other issues with either the battery pack or water flow. Such makes it possible for proper diagnosis in case the faucets develop other known and unknown issues.

In all their products, Delta has made use of MagnaTite docking, which makes use of magnets to make it effortless to dock the faucets back into place, ensuring that none of the removable features will be unkempt or sagging out of place.


Kohler was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler and named after the founder.

It initially specialized in the production of farm and agricultural inputs such as doughs. Later on, the company diversified its products and started producing plumbing items, and it has over the years become established in the production of kitchen, bathroom, sink, showers and many other appliances.

Over the years, the company has paid great detail to the production of faucets that are innovative in terms of design and innovation and its high tech craftmanship.

The company has over 36000 shops and outlets worldwide and specializes in supplying and delivering quality faucets at their customer’s doorstep. However, their major production unit is found in Asia, but a few are also in the United States and China.

Besides its many outlets, Kohler has many options of faucets that their clients can choose from with different designs and specifications.

Kohler as a brand offers faucets that are often made compatible with a smartphone App, Kohler Konnect. One can download the application on devices, and it works similarly to Google Assistant. With the app, one can command the device with their voice for some major controls.

Even though not all gadgets might come equipped with advanced qualities, most of their faucets have sensors and robotic arms that improve their efficiency and functionality. 

Comparison between the three brands.

Having looked at the history of each brand and some unique features that differentiate each, here are some key differences that stand out.






Price ranges from $90-$1600 

Price ranges from $80.20- to $1000

Price ranges between $120- $3000


Reflex system

Uses flexible hose and movable spray head

It uses magnets on the spout that helps to dock the wand in place.

It uses a magnetic docking system called DockNetik.




Uses Motion-sense technology

U By Moen Smart Faucet

Uses touchless technology (Touch20)

Uses response technology


Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty


Lasts for about 5-10 years

5-11 years

10-15 years

Spray patterns

Uses power clean,

boasted Spray

boosted stream modes.

Spotshield Spray

Regular stream

Ring spray

Berry soft





Spot-resist faucet, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, spot resist stainless and chrome.  

Spot shield

arctic, chrome, and Venetian bronze

vibrant stainless, oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome


1 and 3 holes

1 or 3 holes

Have 1,2, 3 or 4 holes

Number of Models

About 173

106 different faucets

250 faucets models

Advantages of Moen Kitchen Sink Faucet.

  • It has a reflex system with a flexible spray head, and this ensures that the faucet can move in different directions for ease of access.
  • U By Moen Smart Faucet- enables its users to regulate water temperature and flow from the faucet.
  • Have wave sensor, voice or remote control which allows easily controlling of the device whether manually or electronically via phone.
  • Uses power clean and boosted stream patterns which allow for greater effectiveness in terms of water spray and thus makes cleaning easy.
  • It comes with a guide that makes it easy to install for the users without the need for a plumber.
  • Offer products of high quality and are affordable for budgetary consumers.
  • Simple and very reliable
  • This brand is the most diverse and dynamic faucet. It is therefore very compatible with different sinks.

Disadvantages of Moen Kitchen Sink Faucet. 

  • It lacks an auto-shutoff technology, and therefore, the faucet can't shut down after a couple of hours of inactivity.

Advantages of Kohler Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • It uses a DockNetik system with a magnet that helps to hold the faucet firmly and reduce the chances of collapse.
  • It uses a response system which makes it easy for one to turn the water on and off with just a wave of the hand.
  • Have a voice control feature that enables the faucet to respond with a voice command. One can also connect the device to a smartphone for efficiency.
  • The use of a boost spray pattern increases the water flow by 30%, making it possible to fill a tank within a relatively short time.
  • It has both the sweep pattern, which makes water flow forcefully and the berry soft for light water spray, and this makes these faucets effective for home use, whether washing the utensils or vegetables.
  • It has an in-built shut-off system that turns off the water flow after four or so minutes of inactivity. This is an excellent way that helps reduce water wastage.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Often comes with a full installation kit
  • Has ceramic disc valves that prevent leakage

Disadvantages of Kohler Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • Most expensive faucet and may not be affordable for the budget consumers
  • Having the most compact faucets makes it relatively harder in terms of sink compatibility.

Advantages of using Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • It uses touchless technology (Touch20) that allows you to activate and operate the faucet with just a touch. The touch can be done either by using your hand, wrist or elbow. This feature helps to reduce water wastage while leaving your faucet neat and clean.
  • Uses technology that is environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Uses patented technologies, i.e. Diamond Seal and InnoFlex PEX, ensuring complete seal and no leaking.

Disadvantages of Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • You might need the help of a plumber during installation.
  • It needs regular cleaning and is thus hard to maintain.

What are some of the factors one should consider when making the choice of a faucet?


Compare the prices of each faucet and, depending on the value for quality, choose the most affordable faucet. It's often easy to compromise quality while trying to cut costs, but this should not always be the case.

Check the prices of each faucet and compare their features before simply choosing a product because of its affordability. Sometimes and oftentimes, cheap becomes very expensive in the long run.


The newer the technology, the more efficient it is both in terms of environmental functions and time-saving. However, unless you are thoroughly equipped to keep up with technological advancement, choosing a faucet that meets your most basic requirements is of greater essence.

Overall goal

Some consumers only need faucets to meet their most basic needs, while others are looking for efficiency, time and water saving or even reliability. Therefore it's important for you to determine the general and overall goal that you need the faucet to meet. This is the most crucial of all factors before any purchase considerations are done.

What is Our Recommendation For the Best Kitchen Sink faucets to invest in?

The truth is, every faucet comes with its own package of pros and cons. From our careful analysis of these three brands, excellence and quality have not been compromised on either.

Above, we also gave you tips on some of the factors one should consider when making the choice of a good faucet. Below, we will give recommendations specific to each factor and trust that we will make you arrive at your choice a little faster.  

If you are looking for a faucet with the newest and most effective technology, you might consider choosing Moen over the other two brands, especially the exotic U by Moen Smart faucet.

For environmental enthusiasts, Kohler offers the best option for reducing water wastage. This is mainly because of the Shut-off technology that makes it possible for the faucet to go after a couple of minutes of inactivity.

For the budgetary consumers who are more concerned with getting a cheaper brand, then Delta is the cheapest brand among the three. However, there is very little difference in terms of price between Delta and Moen, and therefore, if looking for a brand of higher quality and one that is relatively affordable, Moen is definitely your to-go-to brand.

For you who believe in the mantra that a neat and beautiful home makes a happy family, you probably might want to choose a faucet that offers variety in terms of its models and exotic designs. Kohler products are not only beautiful, but they also have great finishes for the perfect kitchen.

Kohler is the best for the novice who might have little or no knowledge of the different faucets, their use and installation. It’s easy to install, clean and maintain.


We trust that we have provided you with sufficient information above that will prove sufficient for you in picking the best faucet for both home and industrial use. In case you find yourself stuck, we have some specialized and amazing reviews that are faucet specific. Be sure to check them out and let us know how your journey of finding the best faucets eventually culminates.

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