Delta Vs. Moen Kitchen Faucets: Top Kitchen Faucet Brands

By Gretchen Sunder, 20 Nov 2022

Choosing the best kitchen faucet can be a challenging undertaking. There are several factors you will need to consider. And for many faucet buyers, old and new alike, brand plays a significant role in determining the faucet model you choose.

Of course, you want a kitchen faucet that meets your needs when you decide to replace your current model or install a new kitchen faucet in a place where there was none. Moen, Delta, and Kohler are undoubtedly the most popular brands in the kitchen fixtures industry. The same applies when it comes to kitchen faucets.

While not every kitchen faucet models under Moen or Delta brands look the same, the two brands are famous for their longevity, versatility, performance, reliability, and innovativeness. Still, these two top-rated models have differences.

It is as a result of these notable differences that make the Delta Vs. Moen kitchen faucets debate a big one. Which is better, Moen or Delta? And if you are in the same situation right now and wondering which brand would be your ideal pick, worry no more. At Kitchen Eminence, we come to your aid with a detailed article about these two brands.

Delta Overview

Established in 1954 by Maco Corporation, Delta has an illustrious history in manufacturing kitchen appliances, kitchen fixtures, and bathroom fixtures. The company made an entrance to the faucet industry with a traditional line of single-handle faucets. Delta has since then continued to wow the world with exciting lines of high-quality kitchen and bathroom faucets.

The company values simplicity, durability, and elegance. And even with these incredible features, Delta does not compromise on the functional aspects of every faucet that it makes and distributes. Ideally, the company has so far maintained a desirable level of success.

The motivation behind Delta’s success is the company’s belief that water has the power and ability to transform how it feels every day. The simple technological innovations and solutions help to change life for users of Delta products as well as their experiences.

Among the company’s interesting technological innovations that users admire about modern Delta, faucets include the incredibly sensitive Touch2O, H2O Kinetic, and MagnaTite Docking system, among others. The technologies improve convenience, usability, and efficiency.

Moen Overview

Established in 1937, Moen is arguably the oldest faucet manufacturing company in the world. The company is headquartered in North Olmsted, Ohio, United States, like Fortune, its parent company and a popular home equipment and security brand.

It is a famous brand for manufacturing and distributing high-quality kitchen appliances, kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and an array of other home equipment.

While the first Moen faucet was manufactured decades ago, the current models feature faucets feature incredible enhancements. Thus, they are pretty sleek, durable, functional, and a true mark of convenience in any domestic or commercial kitchen.

Notably, Moen has an exciting range of faucet lines. The company exhibits and demonstrates an incredible desire and ability for innovation, unique designs, and elegance. Its technological innovations include Power Boost, Motion Sense, Spot Resist, Reflex Pull-Down, Power Clean, and many more.

Moen Vs. Delta: Head to Head

1. Finish

If you consider faucet finishing as a buy-or-not criterion, this is something you will need to think about. Both Moen and Delta kitchen faucets have at least three basic finishing options—stainless still, chrome, and brushed nickel finishing. However, you can still look around for more special finish options such as satin, matte black, bronze, and other luxurious finishing.

But beyond the general finishing options, the two companies employ unique finishing technologies to ensure that their kitchen faucets are reliably scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and spot resistant. So, these are features that you will need to look out for from one faucet model to the next.

Spot Resist by Moen

Irrespective of whether you intend to purchase a Moen chrome, stainless steel, bronze, or matte black faucet, you can go ahead and choose a model with Moen's Spot Resist technology. It is a new technology that the company uses to ensure that its products are resistant to fingerprints, water spots, and smudges. Besides, the technology makes faucet surfaces easy to clean.

SpotShield and Brilliance by Delta

Interestingly, Delta takes pride in two remarkable finishing technologies. The reputable Brilliance technology from Delta protects kitchen faucets from tarnishing or discoloration. It stands up to steel wool scouring. On the flip side, the company's SpotShield technology features antimicrobial protection to prevent your system from stains and odor, leaving you with clean and healthy faucets.

2. Activation Technology

Another aspect worth looking out for is the mode of activation. How you trigger or stop water flow determines the amount of convenience you get to enjoy. And on this, you will be spoilt for choice whether you opt to go for Moen or Delta faucets. The two brands have a single handle and double handle faucets as well as technologies for touch and touchless capabilities.

Touch2O by Delta

While Delta has an array of touchless models in the market, its Touch2O technology is a touch-enabling capability that you will most likely fall in love with if you are looking for convenience. The technology uses advanced sensors to enable you to trigger water flow by touching anywhere on the faucet. So, you do not have to worry about soiled hands as you can touch any part of the faucet using your forearm or wrist to activate water flow.

MotionSense Technology by Moen

More convenience comes with the ability to trigger water flow from a kitchen faucet without having to touch it or turn a knob. Fortunately, Moen delivers that incredibly with its trademark MotionSense technology. You can wave over the faucet’s neck or under the base to trigger water flow. Moen developed this technology to meet the customer needs for more convenience and versatility.

3. Cleaning Technology

Faucet and faucet aerators are prone to clogs and blockages. When this happens, you always have no alternative but to replace the entire faucet or remove and replace the faucet aerator. This is both inconvenient and costly. Interestingly, many brands now have technologies to prevent such problems. Modern Moen and Delta faucets are no exception.

4. Spray Technology

Traditionally, the role of faucets went beyond filling vases and pots to cleaning cutlery and kitchen appliances. And since many stains can be troublesome, manufacturers thought of incorporating technologies that could help with stain removal. And as you will find out, Moen and Delta brands took the lead.

ShieldSpray by Delta

Ideally, many foods require hard scrubbing after several minutes of soaking to remove. Delta’s ShieldSpray technology can shoot any stain that sticks onto your dishes. It guarantees s jet-like stream that will get rid of all stubborn stains without the need for scrubbing. Besides, it does this without splashing any water around your kitchenette.

Power Clean by Moen

Faucets that feature Power Clean technology from Moen also ensure that you eliminate all food remains from your dishes. Unlike Delta's Shield Spray, which uses a shield, Power Clean uses concentrated streams with more minor splashes and extreme force to remove stains from your utensils and kitchen appliances.

5. Design

If you are crazy about faucet aesthetics, you will undoubtedly consider design in this Delta vs. Moen debate. Of course, design is one of the most exciting factors to consider when shopping for the best kitchen faucet.  A choice of design can make you contrast or enhance your décor. Besides, you can choose to go with traditional or modern designs.

Delta Designs

If you are enthusiastic about designs, Delta offers you everything that you may need. You have the convenience to choose between tall and short models, modern and traditional-looking models, and universal models that can fit anywhere. You can make use of the company’s bright and elegant models to give your kitchen a new look.

Moen Designs

Moen has an outstanding range of designs, and it is less likely that you will miss your desired faucet design. While Moen finishing styles are pretty universal, the styles are unique and will give your kitchen space a new look. You can go through the best Delta kitchen faucets and pick what meets your needs.

Final Verdict

Moen and Delta are two very top brands, and it's difficult to call out one as an outright winner. The prices are pretty competitive, and prices vary from one model to the other depending on the features it packs.

Ideally, there are aspects that we can say that Delta carries the day. There are a lot of other instances that Moen also takes a commanding lead. Your choice of faucet is, therefore, dependent on your specific needs and preferences. Read through customer reviews to know more about these brands as well as the customer care relations. Also, choose products with extended warranties. Products with long warranties have potentially longer longevity periods.

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