How to Fix Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet (How to Troubleshoot).

By Gretchen Sunder, 20 Nov 2022

Moen is one of the best kitchen sink faucet brands in the world. It comes with a broad selection of kitchen sink faucets that offers a wide array of functionality. If you are familiar with this specific brand, you know very well that it comes in several finishes, which include: Stainless steel, chrome, matte black, bronze, and many more giving you a chance to choose which finish goes well with your kitchen theme color. Apart from the finishing, the Moen kitchen sink faucet also has a touch-on and touchless kitchen faucet which conveniently allows you to use the faucet by just touching on the faucet or with just a wave of your hand. Today we are going to discuss more on Moen's touchless kitchen faucet, how to know if your faucet is Moen, and more so how to troubleshoot it in case of any mishap.

How to Identify Moen Kitchen Sink Faucet.

Are you wondering if your kitchen sink faucet is Moen or not? Wonder no more because we are going to guide you on how to identify the Moen kitchen sink faucet without having to turn everything around.

One of the easiest ways to identify the Moen kitchen sink faucet is by checking the model number on the box the faucet came in. Some of you might be asking yourselves, what if I can’t locate where the box is? Moen kitchen sink faucets also stamp the model/series number at the back side of the spout, near the base where it swivels in the sink. Normally the model/series number is a series of numbers and letters at the end.

Generally, Moen provides this guide “If you point your spout aerator (where the water comes out) so that it is facing the 3 o’clock position, the series number should be located on the opposite side at the 9 o’clock position.”

Causes of Moen Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet Malfunction.

There are so many reasons why your Moen touchless kitchen faucet is not working. Here are a few.

  1. Weak batteries - just like any other touchless kitchen faucet, Moen touchless kitchen faucet use batteries, and if they are poorly installed it becomes weak or faulty hence the kitchen sink faucet will not perform as it should. Sometimes the battery loses its charge hence causing the same problem.
  2. Loose cables - If the cables of the Moen kitchen sink faucet are loose then the general functionality of the kitchen sink faucet is greatly affected.
  3. Incorrect installation - Most of the time we don’t go through manuals that come with kitchen sink faucets whenever we buy them. Therefore, you will find a lot of people doing the wrong installation and wondering why the faucet is not working.
  4. Unremoved protecting labels - Whenever you buy a Moen kitchen sink faucet, you will notice that it has protecting labels in it and if you don’t remove the labels during installation then the faucet will not work to your expectation.
  5. Faulty sensor - You will immediately notice that the sensors are not working when you place your hands in proximity. This is because the sensor is faulty hence it does not trigger the kitchen sink faucet to activate. Another way to know the sensor is not working, it keeps on flashing.

How to Reset Moen Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to reset your Moen touchless kitchen sink faucet. There is absolutely no reason why you should call a plumber to help you out.

  1. Locate the control box under the sink, it's either grey or black.
  2. From the control box, disconnect the power source, either the battery pack or the AC adapter.
  3. Again, from the control box, disconnect the data cable, it's black
  4. After one minute, the control box will reset.
  5. Check the sensor if it has anything that might interfere with it.
  6. Plug back in the data cable.
  7. Plug back in the power cable.
  8. Wait for 2 minutes to use the faucet.
  9. The faucet is good when you notice blue lights blinking twice on the sensors.

After doing the above steps and noticing that the sensor is not working, turn the sensor off and on after a few minutes.

How To Turn Off Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet Sensor Off.

Moen touchless kitchen sink faucet has two sensors; ready sensors and wave sensors. If you want to disable the ready sensors, turn the water on using the handle, and place your hands over the ready sensor for about five seconds. Remove your hands once you see a single blue flashlight on the sensor. The sensor is disabled.

When you want to disable both the ready and wave sensors, turn on the water using the handle, and place your hand over the ready sensor and the wave sensor for approximately ten seconds. The sensors are disabled if you see the blue flashlight which will appear after 5 seconds and again after 10 seconds. Finally, remember to turn off the water handle.

To enable the sensors, you do the same steps.

How to Remove and Replace Batteries in Moen Motionsense Kitchen Sink Faucet.

As mentioned above, one of the main problems that can cause the touchless feature on the motionsense kitchen faucet to fail is weak batteries. Ways to know if the batteries are down is when you see a blue flashlight on the base of the faucet spout. Immediately you notice that your batteries are weak, the next process is to remove and replace your batteries. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to remove it.

  1. Open the lid of its battery pack.
  2. Remove the batteries and replace them with new ones.
  3. Seal the lid again to put the batteries in place.

Always remember to buy the same batteries as the original ones to retain their longevity which is two to five years.

Most of you must be wondering, so what if I haven’t bought a new battery, can my motionsense kitchen faucet operate without the batteries? The answer is, yes. Moen motionsense kitchen faucet can use AC power instead of batteries. Just make sure you connect the AC adapter to a plug that does not rely on an on/off switch.

Moen Touchless Kitchen faucet has a Low Flow.

If your Moen touchless kitchen sink faucet is so busy, you might notice that it does not exert enough pressure as usual. Most people might quickly think that their kitchen sink faucet is faulty but that is not usually the case. Below are the causes of low pressure. These causes apply also to any other kitchen sink faucet. They include:

  1. Clogged pipes
  2. Leakage in pipes.
  3. Shut-off valves are closed.
  4. Broken or damaged pressure regulator.
  5. Corrion or mineral build-up.

So, after diagnosing your touchless kitchen sink faucet, you will need to correct the problem by increasing the flow of your Moen kitchen sink faucet. The following is what you can do to restore the flow of your Moen touchless kitchen sink faucet.

  1. Repair any damages to the plumbing system in your home.
  2. Confirm if the shut-off valve is on or off.
  3. Clean or replace the faucet aerator of your faucet.
  4. Check if the pipe that is connected to your valve is large enough to support normal water pressure.

Moen Touchless Kitchen faucet Turns on by Itself.

The main reason why your Moen touchless kitchen faucet turns on by itself is that probably your sensor is faulty or there’s a problem with the wiring of the faucet. If the problem is with the sensor, you should turn it off. Follow the procedure stated above in case you don’t know how to turn off the kitchen sink faucet sensor.

How to Clean Moen MotionSense Kitchen Faucet: Kitchen Sink Faucet Maintenance.

Moen Kitchen sink faucet has a variety of finishes and to maintain the aesthetics of this kitchen sink faucet, it should be cleaned regularly.

Always check if your kitchen faucet aerator is clean because all fine particles and minerals are trapped there. This cumulation causes low water pressure/flow rate.

Another place to look at is the Moen kitchen faucet head. If you neglect this feature, it will interfere with your water pressure. Simply use vinegar, a Ziploc storage bag, baking soda, and a small brush/toothbrush. Pour enough vinegar into the storage bag and immerse the kitchen faucet head, leave it there for 3 hours. Remove the bag and apply baking soda on the small brush and use it to scrub the faucet head.

The next thing is to make sure that your Moen touchless kitchen sink faucet filter is clean. Simply remove the filter from the faucet, check for deposits and debris, and either use the toothpick or a brush to remove them or flush them off with water. Alternatively, you can soak the filter in vinegar and scrub it further with baking soda.


I am sure the steps outlined above will help you maintain your Moen motionsense kitchen faucet in a good state. Remember that the above steps can be used when trying to solve any other kitchen sink faucet problems. You don’t need to call a plumber, this inflation is getting crazy, save up some dollars. For more queries, contact us. Be sure to check out our other articles on Moen kitchen sink faucets.

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